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Rediscovering family in an unlikely place

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Ouida James and son, Travis, atop High Temple at Lamanai

Ouida James takes an annual trip with each of her four grown children to have some individual quality time. This time, Travis, her youngest son, chose Belize to spend time with Mom and it is going down in family history as a very special trip. Whilst at Lamanai, Ouida and Travis did more than be attentive eco-tourists, but went beyond … Read more

Inspiring young minds

Kids Eco Club feature

“Every one can make a difference… Everyone… Together… Can change the world.” This is what KidsEcoClub is all about and on their field trip to LFRC this spring we learned just how motivated these youngsters really are! The group was a mélange of members of the KidsEcoClub National Green Youth council which included five middle schoolers, one high school student, … Read more