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Zoo Miami visit LFRC

March visit from the Zoo Miami crew

Community outreach and collaboration are the basis of every great conservation project. In March, LFRC hosted Zoo Miami in Belize as part of our new research partnership. The recently developed Conservation and Research Department at Zoo Miami, under the direction of Dr. Frank N. Ridgley, focuses on conserving the natural resources of South Florida and imperiled areas around the world … Read more

Lacoste helps save crocodiles in Belize

Lacoste, Save Your Logo, LFRC logos

In March 2011, Lacoste, through the “Save Your Logo” program generously donated funds to support the continued research of crocodiles in Belize. The Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversité (FDB) is a French institution founded in 2009 with the objective to support the protection of biodiversity. The “Save Your Logo” (SYL) program involves companies with wildlife logos in the preservation … Read more