Lacoste helps save crocodiles in Belize

Lacoste, Save Your Logo, LFRC logos

In March 2011, Lacoste, through the “Save Your Logo” program generously donated funds to support the continued research of crocodiles in Belize. The Fonds de Dotation pour la Biodiversité (FDB) is a French institution founded in 2009 with the objective to support the protection of biodiversity. The “Save Your Logo” (SYL) program involves companies with wildlife logos in the preservation of the species that have contributed to their success. Lacoste, with its famous crocodile logo, was the first company to support the SYL program. University of Florida’s Everglades project is the fourth SYL project supported by Lacoste and uses American alligators and American crocodiles as indicators of ecological responses to restoration of Everglades ecosystems. An important component of the Everglades Lacoste SYL project has been the extension of lessons learned from the Everglades to conservation of crocodiles elsewhere in the Caribbean. Belize and Jamaica were chosen for this portion of the project.

In Belize, Lacoste and SYL supported development of a monitoring program for Morelet’s crocodiles and a synthesis of results from previous studies conducted in coordination with the Lamanai Field Research Center. Two species of crocodiles occur in Belize, the American crocodile and the Morelet’s crocodile. Morelet’s crocodiles are ecological equivalents of American alligators and provide the opportunity for comparative studies because they inhabit a more pristine ecosystem than crocodiles and alligators in the United States. In Jamaica, SYL funds were used to support preparation of a report on the status and conservation of American crocodiles, which are being threatened by development of coastal areas for resorts and increasing negative contacts with humans. In addition, we initiated a satellite telemetry project in Jamaica based on lessons learned in the Florida Everglades. Support by Lacoste and SYL was essential for these projects.

We are proud to join Lacoste and SYL in conserving populations of crocodiles for the protection of biological diversity.

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