Zoo Miami visit LFRC

March visit from the Zoo Miami crew

Community outreach and collaboration are the basis of every great conservation project. In March, LFRC hosted Zoo Miami in Belize as part of our new research partnership. The recently developed Conservation and Research Department at Zoo Miami, under the direction of Dr. Frank N. Ridgley, focuses on conserving the natural resources of South Florida and imperiled areas around the world … Read more

Video of a jaguar eating!

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Jaguar video screen capture

This trip to Belize has been amazing and eventful. As part of our community conservation programs for wildcats we had the opportunity to investigate a calf killed by a jaguar. Due to the vigilance of the landowner we were able to get our new camera traps out on the kill. As an appetizer here is a short video clip. I … Read more

BBC story about our crocodile research


BBC Travel recently featured our crocodile research at Lamanai in a news story. You can read it here:

Thank you to Alex Robinson for writing this story, as well as the loyal guests of the Lamanai Outpost Lodge for enabling our research to continue, and our field naturalists, who make our research both possible and successful.

To learn more … Read more

Special thanks to John McAfee for donating an ultralight!


The team here at LFRC would like to send out a huge thank you to John McAfee for donating an ultralight to us. The ultralight is a two-seat weight-shift aircraft. This incredible donation will be an invaluable help as we begin tracking Belize’s cats in the next few months and as we continue our crocodile surveys.

Check out this view … Read more